Should You Have An Engagement Party?

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Engagement parties used to be pretty well restricted to conventional ideas only but nowadays, even though the traditional ideas still are observed, engagement parties come in all different varieties. There are no limitations anymore and your participation plans are limited only to your imagination and some other sensible limits of the situation itself.

That having been said, the purpose of this article is to provide you with a framework around which you can formulate an engagement party program that suits you.

The larger the party the more detailed the celebration planning will be.

Let’s look at a number of the different things common to all engagement parties. First of all you have elements of timing and scheduling.

Most engaged couples will have an idea when they are getting married and that does have some effect on the engagement party…e.g.. If the wedding is very near, it’s probably not wise to have a big engagement party because of the expense of two large events so close together.

Another aspect of time is whether or not you’ll want to send invitations or simply invite people via email or private invitation. Should you use printed invitations it gives you the chance to specify R.S.V.P.. .or not.

Should you use engagement party invitations then you have the option of different styles of printing. You can use traditional style invitations or opt for a more modern creative layout.

Another reason to begin planning early and send invitations early is that it’ll give invitees time to make plans to attend. Some people schedule their lives very closely and may need the extra time to schedule.

When it comes to the ‘goings-on’ at the party itself, there you’ve got two streets. . Do you want games? If so, who plans them? Do you want to have dancing? If so….who’s doing the sound system. . .and who’s going to offer the music? Are you going to have some kind of entertainment? And if so….what is it, what is the cost, and who is going to arrange it?

Another element to consider in engagement party ideas is photographs and who chooses them. Most people nowadays have little ‘pocket cameras’ but not everybody does. And even if they do they simply might forget to bring them so one option is to put out free disposable cameras for use of the attendees. An excess expense, yes, but one much appreciated too.

Another component usually overlooked is the idea of party security. You may not need security but if you do it will surely take some planning ahead. It’s possible that some of the bride and groom’s friends could provide it as well.

One choice to make relative to how big the party is, ‘is it going to be larger than the wedding party or smaller than the wedding party?’

You know you are going to have a party associated with both events but clearly somebody will be paying for the two parties. So….unless you have a money tree in your backyard, you might want to make a conscious decision on which party is going to be the biggest (and most expensive).

Whoever is planning the engagement party should delegate as much of their work as possible. Usually they’ll be assigning to people who will be coming to the party. Another option of course is to have the party professionally planned but of course that’s more expensive.

Irrespective of who does the planning, somebody representing the bride and groom should check the decorating plan. Some parties have unique themes that require unique decorations and. .

It’s also a smart idea to have a written plan of the numerous events that might will be occurring during the party. For example, is there going to be a special toast? When is it?

That has to be scheduled too.

Is it being catered or is someone from one of the attendees caring for it?

In the end, planning for an engagement party is not rocket science. How to plan a party is something that comes naturally to some people. For those who have any friends like that, you probably already know it. They will be the natural choice to plan yours.

It just requires a whole lot of attention to detail. Big, elaborate parties will have a lot of details and need more work and probably lots of delegation. Smaller, more intimate parties will not need as much work.

Party planning all starts with making the decision to have the celebration and then getting all of your tools together (personnel and finances) and getting it down on paper. Go out there, take is step by step, work through problems and bear in mind that someone probably did, or will do, the same thing for Cocoa Wildlife Removal.

Everyone wants to have a fun party, but it is easier said than done. Unless you can afford a party planner, then you would have to know how to plan a party with the right ingredients to create the ideal party recipe

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